Who We Are

Purpose and Future

Zoe Hope Foundation was established as a nonprofit organization on January 25, 2016 in Dallas, Texas with the expectation of rapid expansion in the alternative health services industry. Its founders are dedicated to building up the disability community through holistic wellness, sensory integration, and life skills resources, training, and education.

This organization is partnering with existing entities by providing alternative health services which are customized to individual needs. Our objective is unique because unlike other similar services which only focus on a person's disabilities, we believe every individual should be treated as a whole person with a purpose and a future within their communities.

We want to keep working families working.

What We Do

Projects and Partners


Sensory Motor Camps

We use the How Does Your Engine Run Program to make self-regulation easy for children and adults to be alert, attentive, and focused whether engaged in learning, working, playing or socializing.


Courses & Seminars

We offer a wide range of courses and seminars including: Sensory Integration, Holistic Wellness Education,  Nature Education, Prenatal Education, Activities for Daily Living (ADLs), and Job Skills Training.

Our Partners

Waterfall Academy

Zoe Hope Foundation is partnering with Waterfall Academy, a unique school for children with learning differences. We will help create a customized learning experience enriched with sensory activities, occupational and behavioral therapists, to encourage these children to realize their full potential.


We partner with schools to raise money for scholarships to cover our services.


Sensory Consultation

We provide consultation for Occupational, Behavioral, Speech, Social skills and Physical therapy. We can also provide therapists or construct sensory programs according to your needs.


Sensory Space Design

We design sensory areas for classrooms and school as a safe place for children to self-regulate. The spaces will be customized to individual needs, and designed to help with calm, focus, alertness, and attentiveness.


Sensory Integration - Educating teachers and schools on how to incorporate sensory integration in the classroom for better focus and concentration from students. May be offered as a certification course.

Holistic Wellness Education - Teaching how to decrease toxic load through toxic free living, essential oils, natural remedies, physical exercise, immersion in nature.

Nature Education - Merging sensory integration with outdoor learning, nature preschool and kindergarten, how to make a sensory garden and/or edible garden.

Prenatal Education - Educating parents about how environment, food, and lifestyle affects pregnancy, birth, and the mental function of developing babies, and tangible ways to decrease the effects of toxic load.

Activities for Daily Living (ADLs) - Teaching self care, hygiene, routine tasks, cooking, cleaning, life skills.

Job Skills Training - Teaching marketable skills, and helping people with disabilities enter the work force with confidence. 


"Teaching children about the natural world should be treated as one of the most important events in their lives."

Thomas Berry


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The Zoe Hope Foundation always appreciates the generosity and involvement of people like you! 

Donations are processed through our sister nonprofit called Citizen D. Please apply your gift to the Citizen D Fund, then type "ZOE HOPE" in the additional comments section so that the funds will be allocated to our projects. Thank you!